Procurement Managers are 4th most wanted in 2019 according to Hays

(23 Jan 2019)


As workers return en masse, the first thing on most people’s minds will be the promise of a fresh start that the new year inevitably brings. Perhaps you are thinking about what that means for your career and whether you will receive the pay rise you want. For many, the new year may be the right time to search for a new job.

The good news is that if you are a jobseeker, your prospects are promising. In our recent survey of almost 2,500 people, well over three-quarters of Irish employers say they plan to hire in the coming year. The findings also highlight how a lack of talent is impacting organisations. Nearly all employers have experienced skills shortages, and almost a quarter don’t believe they have the talent needed to achieve their business objectives. For organisations looking to have a productive and profitable 2019 these are alarming statistics – the competition for talent in many areas is already fiercely competitive.

Whilst this may be a troubling challenge for employers, for anyone who is keen to move, or could be tempted to do so for the right salary or benefits, it can be used to a tactical advantage. If you work in an area where skills gaps are severe and suitable and qualified candidates are in short supply, you should have no trouble entertaining multiple job offers and potentially double digit pay increases.

In light of this, we’ve taken a closer look at what 2019 might hold. Is your job on the most wanted list? These are the roles we are expecting to be inundated with requests for. People with these skills will be in the highest demand and securing the top pay rises.

Top 10 jobs for 2019

1. Cyber security analysts
2. Quantity surveyors
3. Tax managers
4. Procurement managers
5. Data scientists
6. Building service engineers
7. Legal secretaries
8. Payroll managers
9. Java developers
10. Microbiologists

The jobs on this list show that technology roles have enjoyed some of the biggest pay rises of 2018, with a momentum that shows no sign of abating in the year to come. With the continued digital transformation of business and the proliferation of tech start-ups and changing data laws here, employers are looking for more and more staff to meet their needs, with a particular focus on contract staff for delivering specific projects.

Surveyors, tax managers and procurement professionals are also in high demand. A construction and infrastructure surge alongside the threat of a no-deal Brexit is causing industries like pharma and support/consultancy services to expand in Ireland, which is a change that brings a need for additional trained workers in these areas to bolster growth.

If you can’t see your job on this list but you work in a similar role, consider whether it’s worth using the new year to refocus your skillset in order to potentially make yourself even more valuable to employers.

On the other hand, whilst you might not have the core skills and qualifications to become a developer or a surveyor, or indeed be prepared to begin climbing the ladder afresh, it is worth exploring where your profession is heading and what skills will be needed in 2019 and beyond. Researching the impact technology is likely to have on your role in the future - and how you can capitalise on this - is a great place to start.

It’s also worth bearing in mind the insight that can be obtained from those in the know. My team are in constant contact with employers and know where local investment is being directed. If you’re not on the list for 2019, how are you going to use this year to make the most of your potential?

Find out how your salary compares and what you could be earning with the Hays salary checker or alternatively please contact your local consultant to discuss your employment needs.



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